Vic Harding Floral Designs

fontcandyWelcome to Vic Harding Floral Designs blog, here you’ll find updates on floral projects and ideas tried and tested by us, to suit a variety of seasons and occasions.

Vic Harding Floral Designs was birthed after I discovered an interest in flowers and flower arranging in the months leading to my wedding. Since then I’ve spent even more hours pouring over Pinterest and marching to and from the flower markets with buckets of blooms to play with.

On here I’ll document various projects and ideas that I’ve tested out, and where possible give a quick tips/ how to guide to beautiful home arranged blooms. As we settle into the spring seasons we have couple of floral projects in the pipeline which will be features here in the next couple of weeks so keep an eye out for updates. Till then enjoy the tantalising picture of Peonies which are almost in season.

Vic Harding Floral Designs



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